Air Master Systems Corporation

Supplying Laboratory Fume Hoods Worldwide Since 1975

Air Master Systems (AMS) has manufactured fume hood products that solve laboratory ventilation problems for over 39 years. With safety as our number one priority, we design, manufacture and deliver fume hoods that adhere to the strictest industry requirements. 

We bring you products that combine technological innovation and environmental integrity. The range of applications for our product extends from high school to higher education to industrial applications including painting.   Whether it’s our Green Solution fume hood or a ducted fume hood, we develop the systems you need for the tasks you are looking to do.

  • Your safety is our highest priority
  • 100% made in the US – manufactured and assembled in Muskegon, MI
  • Customized to suit your market needs from life science to education
  • We have a strong interest in a sustainable, clean future, and are working toward that goal with green fume hood products such as our Green Solution Hood.
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