West Michigan Works!_Orlando

photo credit: Michigan Works!

Air Master Systems has been a Muskegon based company since 1975. Specializing in laboratory fume hoods, furniture, and casework. Owner Don Nelson believes in quality team members and quality products. Air Master Systems just received a Special Tribute award from Michigan Works! for their collaboration to identify hiring needs and establish a process to recruit qualified candidates. Air Master Systems hired team member Orlando Hudgins in partnership with the Michigan Works! program.

“Orlando is an example of an individual who, with the support available to him, succeeded in spite of substantial barriers. Orlando was seeking a career, not just a job. His background and gaps in work history were holding him back, but he persevered and reviewed options for entering the workforce. He began volunteering at a local church, where his supervisor gave him excellent reviews. During this time Air Master Systems was seeking qualified candidates to help fill their vacant positions. With support from Michigan Works!, Orlando was able to take advantage of the existing relationship Michigan Works! had with the local employer.”

Michigan Works!, Impact awards welcome handout 2016 

The award given to Air Master Systems is for participation in the Michigan Works! Impact program. AMS received the award at the Anderson House Office building in the states Capital for supporting Orlando and giving him an opportunity to excel.  “We are very proud of Orlando and his accomplishments. He is very hard working and dedicated. We just can’t say enough of how grateful we are for him to be a part of our team. It just goes to show your past doesn’t have to be your future” -Air Master Systems, General Manager, Jason Nelson.

Orlando has been reviewed and observed by Michigan Works! over the past year. He was personally selected out of a populous amount of candidates to receive the Impact award by Michigan Works! for his work ethic and dedication. Orlando and Air Master Systems were invited to attend an awards ceremony at the state capital. They were both were presented with achievement awards and they made acceptance speeches in gratitude.