Green Solution Fume Hood – Chemical Filtration

The Green Solution Hood is Air Master Systems’ solution to the ductless fume hood, saving energy without compromising usage, performance or safety. The Green Solution Hood—with the breakthrough Neutrodine Unisorb® system by Erlab®—offers a revolutionary turnkey solution providing a variety of installation, operational and environmental benefits to virtually any laboratory. Compared to traditional fume hoods in operation today, The Green Solution Hood with Neutrodine Unisorb® Technology enables customers to:

  • Add a fume hood without affecting building HVAC
  • Save energy while maintaining 80 fpm face velocity.
  • Cut energy costs by 96% and reduce operating costs by 70%.
  • Handle liquids and solids (including acids, bases, solvents and powders)—individually or together—with a single hood.
  • Virtually eliminate installation costs.
  • Operate safely without polluting and contaminating the environment.
  • Maintain productivity without changing the way lab technicians work.

All hoods are commissioned by our factory personnel and all our fume hoods are certified with a Life Cycle Payback. This certification by our lab assures researcher safety as well as economic feasibility.
Standard features include:

  • 360 degree viewing
  • Powder coat finish
  • Flush-mount airfoil/trough
  • Integral sash counterbalance
  • Epoxy resin countertop available
  • Vertical Rising Sash
  • Interior access to plumbing
  • Front mount service fixtures
  • Plumbing outlets within arms’ reach
  • Full 29″ hood opening
    • GFI receptacles