Air Master Systems Solution Series fume hoods includes three bench mounted hoods with differing applications and specialties to meet a variety of laboratory situations. The Solution Work Station (SWS), the Solution Hood, and the Green Solution Chemical Filtration Hood. Contact your local distributor for specification and ordering information.

Solution Work Station

The Solution Work Station (SWS) is a bench mounted, ducted fume hood designed to allow 360 degree viewing.  The 7/32″ clear, laminated safety glass side panels protects students and on-lookers while giving them a clear view of the processes inside. Also included are LED lights to make sure your experiments are clearly illuminated for all to see.

Safety plus flexibility

The Solution Series Solution Work Station laboratory fume hood’s design allows for back-to-back and side-by-side configurations for flexibility in designing undergraduate teaching and learning labs. It is available in varying sizes from a worktop width of 48″ with a hood opening of 37.5″ to a full 72″ worktop with a hood opening width of 61.5″. Since the point of a fume hood is to keep people safe, we install front-loaded valves with plumbing outlets within arms’ reach, while your head is outside of the sash.

Other features:

  • Optional 3″ x 6″ cupsink
  • Service slots for piping and electrical
  • Full-length finger lift
  • Louvered front for by-pass
  • Flush mount airfoil
  • Full frame construction
  • 10″ round S/S duct collar
  • Options include base cabinets, electrical accessories, and plumbing accessories

Solution Ducted Hood

The Solution Ducted Hood is a functional and stylish fume hood designed to fit a multitude of laboratory applications. The streamlines posts and radiuses airfoil, along with a 36-inch high viewing area offers a softer look than conventional fume hoods. This hood is applicable in both CV and VAV designs.
Other features:

  • Full frame construction
  • Chain and sprocket shaft drive sash
  • UL 1805, SEFA 1 and CSA listed
  • Flush mount airfoil
  • LED lights
  • Full length finger lift
  • 60-100 FPM
  • Optimal interior working depth
  • EPA and NIH third party tested