The Gemini System Flexible Laboratory Furniture

The Solution Series was created from the requests of architects and space designers looking for a rounded more attractive look to laboratory furniture and work spaces. As part of our Solution Series, the Gemini system is a completely flexible laboratory furniture solution. What makes this workstation flexible is the quick connect fittings for easy installation and adjusting, and vast array of sizes, options, and configurations available.

As flexible laboratory furniture the Gemini System can be configured as single or double sided with an incredible number of options in counter top, shelving, services, and cabinets. This system is easily interchangeable in so many variations it is perfectly suited for new and renovation projected. This flexible work station will stay with your laboratory for years to come and evolve with the changing needs of your lab.

The Gemini System is packed with features and functionality:

  • Pre-plumbed with 3/8″ flexible PVC tubing
  • Pre-plumbed extended with 3/8″ flexible PVC tubing extending 3′ to 6′ above the top of the post
  • Pre-wired pigtail extending 3′ or 6′ above the top of the post
  • Electrical raceways on one or both sides in any combination of 20 amp, 120 VAC, standard, GFCI or
  • USB receptacles
  • Lower post electrical outlet with 20 amp, 120VAC. Standard, GFCI, or USB receptacle
  • Service valves with dual or single ball-valve, up to 3 fittings
  • Twin CAT6 data outlets placed opposite of service valves
  • Full-width shelving
  • Split shelving