Air Master Systems’ flexible series of laboratory furniture solutions is designed to meet the needs of evolving laboratory spaces. The built-in flexibility and adaptability, the high standards for quality and precision, plus a full five-year warranty mean these products are built to last and adapt.

Science advances, so should your laboratory.

The processes you run in your lab today, are not the same processes you will be running in your lab five years from now, or possibly even one year from now. We believe as your work evolves, so should your workspace. We help you build a laboratory that can adapt to the needs of the science and the scientist. Our flexible laboratory furniture products are interchangeable, adaptable, and movable. We manufacture to the highest standards and offer a five-year warranty, which means our flexible furniture stands up to stress and intense use but continues to look beautiful and function flawlessly.

We offer two distinct lines of flexible furniture to suit the tastes of the industrial and architectural designers: The Solution Series – a stylish, rounded post design; and the Titan Series – a more rugged, square post design. Both the Solution Series and the Titan Series flexible furniture lines feature:

  • Solid welded construction
  • Fine-adjust leveling foot
  • Ability to accommodate mobile or floor-mounted casework
  • Ability to be mobile

The Solution Series

This line features the flexible and adaptable Student Tables and Gemini Workstations.  This stylish and durable line of flexible laboratory tables is perfect for the evolution of your lab. Starting with a frame and building your ideal laboratory workspace you have a number of configurations to choose from. Consult your local distributor for recommendations that best suit your laboratory needs.

Titan Series

The Titan Series workbench is a functional and rugged line of flexible laboratory workstations. The square post design of this line makes it infinitely flexible in creating workspace and storage space. Consult your local distributor for recommendations that best suit your laboratory needs.

Learn more about the Solution Series and the Titan Series. Use our distributor locator to contact your local AMS furniture distributor.