Air Master Systems Hanging Cabinets feature the same construction as our base cabinets, without the 4″ toe-kick. Any of our base cabinets can be ordered as a hanging cabinet. Air Master Systems hanging cabinets can be installed to hang on our Titan workbench and table frame products.

Hanging cabinets can be installed on the Titan Series Cantilever and Workbench product lines.


Turn any base cabinet into a hanging cabinet for ordering by editing the base cabinet’s part number.

  1. Add “H” as the first position of the part number
  2. Subtract 4″ from the height position


Base Cabinet #:

Hanging Cabinet #:

Contact your local distributor for special requirements or specification questions and review our catalog for more product information.

All base cabinets have the ability to be mobile.  We remove the 4” high toe kick and either add 2” or 4” casters pending on the design intent.

To create a mobile cabinet part number, just add “M” to the beginning of the part number and remove 4” from the height of the product number.  I.E.  B3524-110 would become MB2524-110.  Mobile cabinets come with a counter balance weight to offset drawer weight when they are opened.

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